Patient Information


We have a ‘One Problem Per Consultation’ Policy

We kindly ask that all patients try and stick to our ‘One Problem Per Consultation’ policy.  The main reason for this request is for clinical safety.  

We know that getting an appointment at the surgery is sometimes difficult and that some patients ‘save’ their problems and present them to the doctor at the same time, with or without a list. We also know that the Clinician may run late.  All of this increases the tendency for patients to present multiple problems to their doctor/ANP at one consultation.

Every patient consultation and the time needing to be spent with the patient is dictated by the problem the patient contatcs the surgery for. Some of the more complex presenations can require longer time being spent with the patient which impacts on the clinicians day. There will be times that even one consultation will not suffice for one problem as this one appointment has to include the patient consultation and any ongoing care that may be required.

Presenting the Clinician with multiple problems means that there is a real increased risk that mistakes will be made and things to be missed as the Clinician may be inclined to rush, particularly if other patients are waiting.

One of Primary Care’s main purposes is to detect serious disease early.  Presenting multiple problems to the clinician, not all of which may be serious, increases the difficulty of this task – it is like finding the ‘needle in a haystack’.

Health care professionals in the surgery cannot see huge numbers of patients with multiple problems and continue to practise safely and effectively.  A stressed clinician will struggle to be a good and safe clinican 

We do consider that appointments with the GP's are a limited resource and we would kindly ask that such a service be used with care and consideration.

Therefore please do not be offended if the doctor asks you to rebook for your other problems. We are working in your best interests in order to keep you safe.